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Monday, 19 September 2016

Miniatura Weeekend 1st and 2nd October, NEC, Birmingham

One of the best UK shows is nearly here and my tickets arrived this morning.  This is a show to get to if you can.  Click on the following link to see what it can do for you - there is too much really for me to relate:


Miniatura is held at the NEC in Birmingham - easy to get to by road, rail and even air!  Accommodation on the site if you want to stay there and enough to keep you going for two days.  Make it a short break holiday and there is a lot of interesting things to do round and about Brum.

What I can share here is how I go about getting organised for a big show/shopping trip.

I have one of those 'bragging books' - the plastic folder things that 'grannies' keep their ( 6 x 4) photos in....

I take a picture of every room in the house showing where it is up to.  I print them, cut them out and  put in the folder.  Opposite each picture is a list of the things I want/need for that room.

There is also usually a sort of overview list of stuff like more trims, floors etc so that gets listed and filed at the back.

I will also slip in samples of wallpaper or paint chips or fabric - stuff I want to match in some way.  It is also useful to have sizes of rooms or spaces you want to furnish; for example this time I need two small matching display cabinets either side of a fireplace so it is good to know the ideal size for these and the actual space I have there.  Floor areas for rugs, window sizes, whatever you think might be handy.  I may not be shopping for half of those things right now but how frustrating to see something I might want further down the line but not know if it will work.

This is also the chance (hence doing it early) to order some things from vendors for me to pick up.  It saves me and them time on the day.


  1. Hi Marilyn! You are ALWAYS so ORGANIZED!!!! however I am NOT surprised. ;P I think that it is quite Clever of you to pre-order from the vendors for pickup at the show, because it not only saves time and money and the stress of not having to worry about whether or not you will get to a particular merchant before someone else nabs your perfect item!


    1. Yeah, you know Mrs OCD by now. As for pre-ordering - quite right I don't know how many times I've missed getting something because they sell out before I ask for it. This way I am ahead of the game and can please myself when I pick up. Also its usually the practical stuff and I don't want to be lugging flooring and trims round a show all day. Marilyn