Sharing dates of Fairs

If you click on one of the months above it will show a list of fairs usually held that month.PLEASE, PLEASE let me know of any fair you know about and I'll add it to the list.
I apologise for not making any attempt to keep it current this is just an attempt to have a list of as many dolls house shows that I can find. Even if you see a show with an old date you can just google the name of the show to find out the date of the next one.

It would be great if you'd let me know of any I can add to the list.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Film from April Miniatura

Here's a nice little 'taster' following the April Show.  It is from the Miniatura website.  Click on the link as it has other pictures and information.  Me? - currently on a count down....

Otober's Shows

There are tabs at the top of this blog showing any shows I know about each month.  If you go there you will see just how poor I am about updating it!  So every month I will remind you about these two great links instead.

The first one for American shows is from 

Small House Models 

The next list is courtesy of 

The Miniature Scene of York

Here is my usual appeal to all and sundry - if you know of any shows anywhere on the planet just please share here or drop me a line ( and I'll post it.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Preparing for battle - take a box

I passed on the notion of my brag book for your shopping list helper a couple of posts ago - now thanks again to Irene, here comes another handy tip that's especially useful if you are doing a two day show and staying overnight and/or travelling by bus or train.

Take a couple of plastic food boxes with you (like Chinese takeaway sort of size) and decant all your small stuff into these. This offers them greater protection from crushing, snapping, creasing and stops you 'losing' things  amongst all that wrapping and paper bags stuffed in your shopping bag.  I have actually done that once.  You really don't remember in the moment that you unpack when you get home precisely what you have, so it is too easy to think you have it all, only a couple of days later to remember some tiny thing that isn't there.

So if you want to know my method of attack and my preparation for the shopping wars this is what I do.

One (no weight) shopping bag that will go over my shoulder if needs be.  I always wear the same jacket - rain or shine - very thin,  but it has a ton of pockets.  This means I can put each vital thing in its own pocket and I don't need to carry a handbag or have to rummage through my shopping bag every time I want something.  

If I am staying in a hotel or am able to leave my other handbaggy stuff in the car or even in a locker/cloakroom depending on venue this is all that I will need at the show itself.

Cash, credit card, debit card - some of dealers will take only one of these things.
Phone - which I now also use as a camera (with permission) - no more having to carry a camera now that I am not writing about shows.
Little shopping book - this does go in my shopping bag rather than a pocket.
Pen (spare bits of paper are in my bragging book)
Hanky - I hear my mother's voice......have you got your hanky?
Comfortable (I wish) shoes

Oh.... and your ticket to get in if you've pre-booked

Lippy and comb go by the board and remain with the other stuff - this is serious shopping after all.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dealers List, Miniatura, NEC

The dealers list is available for Miniatura now.......

(Thanks Irene)

Here's four of the one hundred and fifty plus vendors

Monday, 19 September 2016

Miniatura Weeekend 1st and 2nd October, NEC, Birmingham

One of the best UK shows is nearly here and my tickets arrived this morning.  This is a show to get to if you can.  Click on the following link to see what it can do for you - there is too much really for me to relate:


Miniatura is held at the NEC in Birmingham - easy to get to by road, rail and even air!  Accommodation on the site if you want to stay there and enough to keep you going for two days.  Make it a short break holiday and there is a lot of interesting things to do round and about Brum.

What I can share here is how I go about getting organised for a big show/shopping trip.

I have one of those 'bragging books' - the plastic folder things that 'grannies' keep their ( 6 x 4) photos in....

I take a picture of every room in the house showing where it is up to.  I print them, cut them out and  put in the folder.  Opposite each picture is a list of the things I want/need for that room.

There is also usually a sort of overview list of stuff like more trims, floors etc so that gets listed and filed at the back.

I will also slip in samples of wallpaper or paint chips or fabric - stuff I want to match in some way.  It is also useful to have sizes of rooms or spaces you want to furnish; for example this time I need two small matching display cabinets either side of a fireplace so it is good to know the ideal size for these and the actual space I have there.  Floor areas for rugs, window sizes, whatever you think might be handy.  I may not be shopping for half of those things right now but how frustrating to see something I might want further down the line but not know if it will work.

This is also the chance (hence doing it early) to order some things from vendors for me to pick up.  It saves me and them time on the day.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Stafford Dolls House Fair

Just a reminder that the Stafford Show is on Sunday.  

Get there if you possibly can, it is a a good show.  Doreen Jeffries shows are big enough to keep you occupied for hours and always make even a long drive worthwhile.  She has a nice mix of vendors so there's always something you want.  

For anyone starting out on the hobby, the best of folk are there like Jennifer's of Walsall and J & A Miniatures and Matlock Miniatures.  For fiddling about with your project everyone else is just great - three of my favourites are Maria's Fabrics - huge range, spot on scale in weight and print and at a great price, Rob Lucas - fine pieces at a reasonable price, Mini McGregor - always something quirky to make you smile (and buy)..... and a ton more.

Stafford Dolls House Fair