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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Leeds Doll's House Fair, 18th April 2015

Fresh back from the Leeds Show and as always it was a really good 'do'.  I like Doreen Jeffries' shows as they are a reasonable size without being overwhelming and have a broad mix of vendors.

I have added a photo album to the left hand column but you can click here if you'd like to see some of the things I saw there, Leeds Show.

For certain sure if you are setting off on a project this show will tick most of your boxes.

Jennifers of Walsall and J & A Supplies between them will kit you out with floors and wall-covering and lights and stairs and doors and knobs and just about anything you need to get the project up and running.

J & A Supplies

If you are at the next phase of collecting 'stuff' to dress your project - again there is a lot to go at with vendors such as Matlock Miniatures and Weaverthorpe Dolls House Miniatures and almost every other table.

Matlock Miniatures

For the collector of fine things there are people like Glasscraft and Vicanna Vintage.

Vicanna Vintage


For someone like me who has been playing with this stuff now for four years, best of all, you get to meet new (to you) vendors such as the wonderful Replicast Miniatures who are nudging me towards a very ornate drawing room.

Replicast Miniatures

Unique Miniatures was my personal favourite find for today.  I bought one item from her which has completely changed the narrative for my project.  I now know what my house is about.  Thank you V. Harper.


  1. Hi Marilyn! I love to see what all is for sale at British Shows. Although both sides of the globe love doll's houses, there are items that are unique to the various locations around the world, and different "favorites" too.
    Being a "Junkyard dog" I find the collection of Vicanna Vintage to be the most intriguing but I know that a couple of friends of mine would rush towards the Glasscraft. The "box of bones" artifact is such a treat to see. I am now very curious about the new direction you chosen. :))


    1. Hello Elizabeth, nice to see you. You are absolutely right after the colonies departed our houses got further and furthe apart in style so we see many different things as the years go on. Just to make you weep Vicanna had a load of lovely things and I am already a big fan of glass craft as I think his stuff is lovely and his prices are good. Hope you had a wander through the album. Just sad I can't share it all. 53 vendors times the hundreds of items they each sell comes to a few thousand photos. I have updated the narrative on my Dalton site so you can see how the story is developing. Posting every day now as I am getting stuck in. M