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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bought at the Sarasota Show

Well, so much for 'check back tomorrow' - apologies for being tardy - just caught up in real life I'm afraid.  

I genuinely had no intention of buying a thing at this show - I have all I can go at for a very long time right now and a restricted 'spends' pocket.  I set out to 'cover' the show for the magazine and deliver a room-box; I would pick up payment for that to go into my hobby pot and so continue to garner funds for the next show.

It goes without saying I just found some things irresistible.

I don't therefore have a lot to show you but everyone is a gem.  They are all quarter scale:

I already have a set of garden tools from True2scale but they are so nice and such a good price I think I could do with a 'spare' and to complete any garden or shed scene of the future their pots and sacks and wheelbarrow are just the best.

These are from Miniatures at Butterfly Crossing.  I can't add a link as the only one I could find was a website which promises 'coming soon.'  They had some reasonable 3D printed furniture and quite a few of the metal pieces like these.  I have seen these around in their unpainted form but they looked as though they needed a lot of sprue cleaning up.  Then you have to wash and dry them well and, ideally, spray undercoat the metal followed by one or two very thin top coats of gloss.  If you factor in two tins of paint you may never use again at about $7 each then these at $10 and finished seem to be a bargain to me.  As always the camera points up the slight imperfections, in real life they look just great.

Apologies for sideways shot - it happens sometimes and I still can't figure out why!!

Yet again, you need to believe the detail on this little piece is astonishing - I already have two of them but I would hate for Sally Manwell to run out of them before I have all the ones I might want.  Again I can't give you a link to a website but if you Google her name you will find people selling her work.

Iced tea and cakes - another Sally Manwell piece.

Finally a lamp from her too.

I was given a new product from True2scale to share with you so if you are interested pop over to my Gate House blog for a look.


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