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Monday, 17 November 2014

Bought at the Philly show

(Don't forget you can click on the photo to enlarge it.)

My first stop at the show was at one of my all time (UK) favourites Templewood Miniatures

Templewood Miniatures

The table may be destined for Les Roches - right now I probably have three dining tables - just not sure what size table I can comfortably get in those small rooms.  The oval and rectangular picture and mirror frames are new products and, just like all of Alan's work, they are superfine, simple and just lovely.  The bedside cabinet was the only one there and Kathy did say it was the last one; just not sure if she meant literally the last one or the last on the stand.  The drawer opens!  Hopefully even when I have made it.  The Tudor cupboard is pretty enough to go through any period if the wood is kept light or even painted and the door opens.

Great fabric from Quarter Source

Quarter Source

I probably already have a piece of this - I always gravitate to the same sort of colours and textures when it comes to fabric and wallpaper - endlessly unintentionally repeating myself.

Tweezers from Smaller than Life

Smaller than Life
These tweezers are desperately needed over in here in Naples; mind you in two weeks time I will back back in the UK for a month and could bring some back with me.  Never mind doesn't hurt to have two different pairs.

Paperclay from the Betterleys


My only purchase from the Betterleys.  I had bought a ton of stuff prior to the show so I didn't see anything else I want right now.  I was glad to see this as I had been looking for some but it seemed to come in huge packs whenever I found it.

Cat and birds from  Mini Gems

The bird is not bigger than the cat - camera perspective gives that impression.  It is destined for the Gate House which already has a cat.  This cat and dove (little white bird at the back if you look carefully) are for Les Roches where someone lives all year.

These are perfect quarter scale so you can imagine how small they are.

Mixture of goodies from Suzanne and Andrews Miniatures

Suzanne and Andrews

I have a table lamp and a standard lamp for places which don't need lighting as these can't be wired.  Two pairs of wellies - essential for The Gate House lifestyle.  I bought six full place settings probably for Les Roches, but if not they will always be useful somewhere else.  I love the Pier Luigi stuff and wouldn't have a clue how to make knives, forks and spoons.

Useful and pretty from Pam's Supplies

Pam's Supplies

I really just needed the glue stand element of the table top kit but it is OK to have parking places for stuff as well.  This was her last one, indeed, it was the one on display.  The white block is a four sided nail buffer - you can get all sorts of them pretty much any where but at $1.50 it is a good enough price to just pick one up.  I commend them to you for fine sanding.  I am sorry you can't see the two little terracotta pots very well.  They are very sweet and even have a painted pattern on the front all for $2 each.  

The thinking behind the glue stand is....  I currently use a mug and my small glue pots get 'lost' in it.  I also stand glue upside down with the top off - don't panic it is very frugal.  Only a very small amount leaks and forms a sort of seal which usually stays in the mug leaving your glue ready to use or you can pick it off quickly and get on with the job.  I can't be doing with taking a lid off and on all the time when I am working.  The reason this kit is better than the mug is - it takes all sizes of glue pots and they are easily accessible and like the mug it will form a glue cap in the bottom of the stand but will also be visible to me so I can re-park the glue on the same spot (unlike in the mug) which saves even more glue.

 Lights from Acorns by Oak

Acorns  by Oak

The lights were my weak-moment-at-a-show purchase - there is always one.  At $21 they are probably too expensive on my sort of budget for an inconsequential item.  They are worth the price for sure but I suspect I need more pressing things before these.  They are wired with I presume pico chips, just praying they work.  They are also very pretty.

Come back tomorrow for the second and final instalment of my purchases from Philadelphia.


  1. Hi Marilyn! Although quarter scale is far too small for my bad eyes, I have to say that looking at all of the lovely little goodies that you have purchased, gave me a bit of a rush and now I am thinking how cute it would be to perhaps someday try.
    I know that you will be so glad that you bought those teeny tiny lights, once you get them installed. I think that they are simply Adorable!!!! :D


  2. Thank you Elizabeth for stopping by especially as I have now abandoned 1/12ths. There is no doubt that QS is challenging on the sight and fingers but with a good magnifying glass to work under it is doable and offers a totally different experience to 1/12ths. If you saw some of the work produced by people in this scale it is amazing. Marilyn