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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bought at the Philly Show - part two

There are a small handful of vendors I can not resist and 

Stewart Creations is one of them
Stewart Creations

Do take some time and have a look at the lovely desk and chair I bought on her site.  It is musical themed and so dainty.  The desk and chair.  For now, it is destined for Les Roches.  The carafes and wine bottle set is a repeat of one I used on The Gate House and just loved.  The whisky decanter and four tumblers are a given for a (Christmas) home in Scotland.  The sets of doilies I hope will become lace panels for the windows in Les Roches.  Something I love about French houses is their crisp white lace panels at the windows.  Yes, I know these are cream but they will be more suited to this style of house.  If they are the right size!!  Sheer guess work.  I bought another little jar of her no-hole beads.  I wanted red and dark green and gold for baubles to decorate the Christmas tree and here they are all in one little pot. The fine trim running along the right hand side is easy to miss as it is so narrow.  Just gorgeous - will do as any kind of lace trim or edging and could also be used on walls and furniture for trim and painted or stained as needed.  Lots of choices of patterns and all as nice as each other.  The pictures at the bottom right are the free gifts she always puts in your purchase.  One day I got one which is translucent and so gives a stained glass effect and the next day I got one printed on plain paper.

SDK Miniatures

SDK miniatures

 I bought this to figure out how to make delphiniums but it doesn't really relate to the petals and leaves I've already bought.  SDK uses a whole other system.  Hey ho, I suppose it is always good to try different things.

Young at Heart

Young at Heart

I spent several visits and lots of time at Debbie Young's stall just enthralled by her creations.  She had taught a class on building her bungalow and every time I was there someone who had taken the class turned up to buy stuff to go inside and, without fail, said how wonderful the experience had been.  I so wish I had done it - I get held back by this open back style of houses - they are an anathema to me and I don't seem able to overcome it.  Any way her things are lovely and I am still thinking about the Avalon which she said she will be re-cutting when she can.  She knows there is a demand for it.

As you can see, I came away with yet another dining room for Les Roches - this one looks small as Debbie's houses look to have small rooms.  The canisters (etc) are just stash items.  The office furniture may find places in different parts of the house but I liked the corner desk and accompanying kit.  I thought the rocking chair was a delight for just $5 so that was a have-to-have, even though there is no where to put it.

Findings from Jar-Jaf

Jar Jaf

I don't know the relationship between Jar-Jaf and Acorns by Oak but they were working together and I seemed to buy an item from each but had two receipts from Jar-Jaf.  I hope these elongated eyelets will work as the stems for standard lamps.

Go check out their fantastic real life size catalogue  Jar-Jaf   You may never have to hunt round for findings ever again.

Michelle's Miniatures
Michelle's Miniatures

I was so pleased to 'stumble' across Michelle's miniatures.  I had seen her Art Deco house more than a year ago and wasn't convinced it was as fine as I would like.  How wrong I was - it is a lovely little piece and I am very tempted again.  However, I am being a 'good girl' and seeing how I get on with the two projects I already have without launching off into another one.  So I settled on just one little piece that I liked.  Lovely for just inside a door to take off your boots.  It may acquire coat hooks.

Marilyn Crockett

Marilyn Crockett

Sweet little table/bench not sure which until I figure out its size - but beautifully made and only $6

A Mini Thing

A Mini Thing
This was a vendor selling lots of different things from building items such as trims through to decorative pieces.  I am hoping these will make nice window boxes for Les Roches.  Size unknown again.  I really must get on and measure and make a note of stuff on these two buildings.



On to something I knew I wanted to pick up from True2scale - the garden tools and the cushions.  I didn't want all the tools but thought they might come in handy some time.  Little did I know then I was about to find my Grandma's shed and now I want all Carole's garden stuff!  Some more wallpaper - sadly I only have three instead of four pieces so hope it will be enough.  Cushions - how best to make those in 48th?  I am favouring moulding them in air dry clay and pushing them into a shape I want and then covering with the fabric.  I made cushions filled with sand and filled with micro beads in 1/12th because I like them to have weight and crumple-bility but that isn't going to happen in this scale unless I tackle it another way.  I will be posting a piece soon about the mysterious looking wires.

Jo-Anne Roberts

Jo-Anne Roberts

This was a great fabric and lace stall but I am doing my very very best not to buy any more ......but..... this is Swiss Batiste, so it is sort of compulsory.  Just noticed they are the 'same' but different prices, no idea why, just glad to have them.

Grandt Line

Grandt Line

I have listed Grandt Line as the vendor as I thought that was who it was, but they are not listed in the programme so I have no idea who I bought this from.  I confess it was a table I didn't spend a load of time at so I never really took in enough information other than spotting this on my last visit to the ballroom before the show ended.   You will probably have already read me nattering about it in the show report so we'll leave it at that until I start to build about two years from now!

Phew, feet up time, looking at all these reminds me how tiring shows are.

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