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If you click on one of the months above it will show a list of fairs usually held that month.PLEASE, PLEASE let me know of any fair you know about and I'll add it to the list.
I apologise for not making any attempt to keep it current this is just an attempt to have a list of as many dolls house shows that I can find. Even if you see a show with an old date you can just google the name of the show to find out the date of the next one.

It would be great if you'd let me know of any I can add to the list.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Scottish Dolls House Fair

This is a bit eleventh hour, but worth a punt in hopes it reaches some of you who can get there.  There is a show in Edinburgh tomorrow:

for full details,click here:  Scottish Fairs

In brief:

Scottish Dolls House Autumn Fair
Next Fair .. 6th November 2016
Fair is Open from (10:30am to 4:00pm)
Royal Highland Centre
Strathmore Restaurant - Lowland Hall
EH28 8NB
Adults £ 3.50 Children under 12 FREE (Please pay at Door)
Cafeteria Available - Free Parking - Disabled Access

It is showing 23 traders, so not a massive show BUT everyone of those is a gem for one reason or another.  I'll let you check them out for yourself as we all need/like different things.  There are at least six in that list that I would be making a bee-line for.

I always think however small a show is it is a great chance to go feely-touchy shopping instead of  the internet throw of the dice. 

Think of it this way if you had a local dolls house wouldn't you be in that shop every five minutes; well, in Edinburgh, this weekend there are 23 shops all in one place.

The organiser is Dream Home Miniatures - the JiaYi retailer where I bought a few things at the NEC - this vendor on its own is worth a trip.

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