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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Miniatura, NEC, 2nd and 3rd April 2016

Andy Hopwood, the organiser of Miniatura, very kindly let me have a copy of the official press release and some photos to share with you.  


Over 3000 miniaturists gathered at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham for the Spring Miniatura on the first weekend of April to enjoy everything the dolls' house hobby has to offer.

Selecting which house style and period to go for is just the beginning and visitors were spoilt for choice for wallpapers, furnishings and finishing touches. At each show collectors add the next layer to the story, (or should that be storey) of their dolls' house. Each decision made adds an extra little bit of character and another personal touch which makes every house unique.

Whether they were are looking for a new house to start the next chapter or adding the finishing touch to the last, Miniatura offered everything (and maybe even more) imaginable.

The workshops which ran during both days of the show were enthusiastically supported, and everyone taking part went away happy with additional skills.

Internationally renowned craftsmen such as the St Legers, Stokesay Ware, Ray Storey, Julie Campbell, Glasscraft, David Booth, Nicola Mascall,  Country Treasures, Glorious Twelfth and The Flower Lady were amongst the many busy exhibitors who as ever brought some fantastic pieces which were swiftly snapped up by avid buyers.

Among the display, club and charity stands were Small Scale Fiddlers, the Miniature Needlework Society, Queen Elizabeth Dolls Houses, and Doug Somerfield.

As usual Pat Cutforth and her supporters on the Cancer Research UK stand worked their fingers to the bone for the whole of the weekend raising funds for this worthy cause. Visitors and exhibitors alike are now very aware of the work done by this group and Miniatura visitors know they will find something really special here at every event. [Total raised was £7605.00]

The new extra Sitting Room area with newspapers and jigsaw puzzles was appreciated by visitors waiting for companions who were squeezing every possible moment of buying time before heading home.

Our secret shopper prize this time is from Jan Southerton, The Flower Lady, and was won by Mrs Bond from Cheshire.

Miniatura has always taken pride in offering visitors quality in the widest possible price range and this show was no exception. There was something for everyone and the generous appreciation received from visitors during and after the show is a testament to the fact that this policy continues to work for the vast majority of the audience.

Some visitor feedback from this show:

“After 24 years of shows I still find plenty to admire and buy!”

“Really enjoyed it as always. I have been coming for a few years now and it's always fantastic for inspiration, nice to see regular and new traders. I started with a simple ... house and now have slightly more 12th and 48th scale buildings. It's an addictive hobby.”

“Really enjoyed the weekend bought some really special pieces, lovely, friendly people, worth coming all the way from South Africa !!”

“Had a fantastic weekend, bought far too much as always. Just a joy to be in a room surrounded by so much talent.”

The next Miniatura show is in Autumn on 1st & 2nd October 2016 . It will be the 67th Birmingham event and is already shaping up to have a stunning array of talented exhibitors even by our standards. As usual well over 80% of the show is handcrafted work which is why visitors from all over the world fly in to the NEC each time. This time we hope to have TYA Kitchen back from Japan - Mr & Mrs Kawai's work amazed us all last Autumn and we can't wait to see what their next creations will be. There will also be newcomers from Bulgaria and the Netherlands as well other established makers from around the world.

always well attended


Jacqueline Crosby

Jan Southerton

Kate Pinsent

Michael R Miniatures

Stokesay Ware

Top Toise Design


  1. Whenever I see your posts on the shows that you attend and report on, I am both elated and dismayed. One one hand I am ALWAYS impressed by the vast array of miniature goodies that you see and talk about. And the level of craftsmanship continues to flabbergast me, but then.... I get to feeling SHOW ENVY. Yes, I am ashamed to have to admit it Marilyn, but the quality and frequency of the shows across the pond, make me feel green all over since they are there - and I Am Here! .... :/

    elizabeth :D

  2. We are lucky with quite a lot of shows and a country small enough to drive to them all if we wanted to but the BIG ones are certainly in the your neck of the woods .... I am assuming you are in the States. I love both for different reasons. Now we have sold up in Naples, FL and are living here full time I hope to get to five UK shows a year... Two Miniatura and two York shows and one other somewhere nice for a short break here or in the States, reckon that should do for me!! The Beith piano blew me away, google them if you have time or click on the link the previous post to this one. You won't believe what you see. He is an ex engineer with a family background of quality joiners, so he combined both skills for minis. The piano is an exact miniature it just won't make a sound. He even explained why, wires, tension etc... Don't ask me though. Marilyn