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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Orlando Dollshouse Miniatures Festival: 14 - 17 February 2014

My visits to shows are getting longer and longer.  My third visit to Molly Cromwell's Orlando show became a three day trip up from Naples.  I had never done a workshop and wanted to give it a try.  There was one just made for me - Sally Manwell was showing how to make accessories for 1/48th projects.  This was being taught on Friday afternoon so Ken and I bowled up to Orlando to arrive just in time for me to join the class.

It was a terrific experience and I learned a lot and came away with a ton of stuff to continue making more little objects to dot around The Gate House.  

This is what we made in three hours.  OK, this is the one Sally made but we did OK.  I just can't show you mine like that because I kept all the bits individually as I don't know where they will go in my project just yet.

The shell on a stand was a finished object that she included but we made the lamp, the flowers, the books, the box, the photos and the dinky little basket.  We also came away with various bits of useful kit to use again and again.  What an absolute bargain and a pleasure.

The show itself was just brilliant.  There were a couple of vendors missing due to illness but to be honest it wouldn't have had a lot of impact on me other than I had arranged to meet one of them to make notes for his profile and get more photos for the article.  Hey ho, will just have to do it by email now.

Here's a taster of what I saw....

Fabulous paintings and painted furniture by Barbara Wilson.

Shoalts Collectibles are new to me and had a wide range of incredibly detailed pieces.  Click on the photo to see it better.

Another new to me was Ron Stetkewicz who had a wonderful display of all sorts of solid brass hand crafted items.  This is a second generation business, having been around now for forty years.  What a find for me.

Wright Guide miniatures do a series of vignettes along their counter and in front of each are all the items needed to make up the scene.

Of all the wonderful things Ruth Stewart makes and sells I decided to choose these items to share with you because I think they are incredibly useful and good value.  The tiny bottles are no-hole beads for $1.50.  It is great to be able to get a little of something when that's all you need.  The five double ended ball stylus must be the best bargain in the whole of mini world - just $6 - I am so annoyed that I didn't buy them.  Just forgot!!

OK, I realise that is just a smidgen of what was there but when you've checked these out you can click on my photo album over in the left column and have a look at more pictures of the show and what I bought.

There will be a review in Dolls House and Miniature Scene for those of you who read that.  Probably a couple of months down the line.

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